The proposition promoting Free Child Visa was first brought forth by the UAE government in 2018, which continued only for 3 months. The law was mainly passed in order to uplift UAE’s image as a safe country for children. It has been reported by the officials that this decision was also planned so as to improve the standing of the country as a leading destination in family tourism. Essentially, the individuals will not be required to pay for Visa. The waiver condition is that the children must be accompanied by their parents irrespective of their Visa validity. The FAIC has called on visitors to the UAE in order to take advantage of this waiver. The waiver will save money of the tourists and also help them choose UAE as a holiday destination.


Know About UAE Visa Process

Sites of the ICA also provides the requisite information regarding this, moreover flight carriers such as Emirates also mention service charges which may apply after the fee waiver. There are some charges for insurance and services. thus a good indication of the same can be found at the respective flight carrier sites.  Moreover, requisite documents required for gaining a child visa can also be found on the same. The requisite documents that are enlisted on the Emirates site are as follows – colour photograph of the applicant, colour copy of applicant’s passport, the passport must be valid for at least six months.

Extravagant Cultural Life in UAE

UAE, has an extravagant cultural life, there are plethora of activities that one can undertake here, there are virtual snow parks here like Ski Dubai, moreover the water parks and Aquariums here are state of the art, travelling UAE, is in itself a unique experience and this has been further aided by Free Visa for youngsters under 18. According to the Dubai’s official Visa site, this offer was still available during the Pandemic, moreover the offer was valid from 15 December, 2020. The UAE government has made an active effort to accommodate children and their respective needs, even during the pandemic. They essentially passed this resolution with the objective of promoting tourism and allowing smooth inflow and outflow of tourists in their territory. As suggested by Al Jazeera news channel, a large portion of the UAE’s economy depends on tourism, which has been hardly hit recently. This step will surely aid this sector in rejuvenating itself.