A large number of people travel to UAE and the number of applications received to UAE visa departments. Applying for a UAE visit visa is a not so difficult task, but there are times when your visa gets rejected. You don’t need to worry when your visa gets rejected. We will guide you throughout the visa application projects. As just by selecting the visa type, nationality, and submitting the valid documents,

you can get a UAE visa. You can apply-Dubai visa online with us, and if you are not from GCC countries, you have to get a visa. A large number of people submit their applications to the immigration authorities, but only 70% of them get their approval, and this is because of the small faults in the applications.

Here are some things to keep in mind before applying for UAE or Dubai visa online

Whether you are applying for UAE tourist visa or UAE residency visa, you have to make sure of some things that matter. As something that you consider irrelevant or unnecessary might be significant in the application process. Also, it can become the primary cause that can come between applying for the visa and getting a visa.

Know why your UAE visit Visa got rejected

Know why your UAE visit Visa got rejected

Make sure to check the below-mentioned things when you apply for UAE visit visa

  • Check the validity of your passport; your passport must be valid for minimum 6-months. In some cases, it is 3 months but, that is with some particular conditions.
  • Make sure to fill all the required fields and fill them correctly. Also, if the field that is required but it is none of your concern, then don’t forget to mention “NIL”. Your application might have a different word for saying no; please make sure you get that right.
  • The most important thing after the passport’s validity is to submit correct documents. If your documents don’t match the form you filled, then it might create a problem for you.
  • If you have a previous residency or tourist visa, make sure you cancel it before applying for a new one.

Most of the times, it happens that you already have a 90 days tourist visa, and you don’t cancel it. Instead, apply for a UAE residency visa. In such case, your Dubai visa application gets rejected as you cannot have two visas at the same time and that too, different. Getting UAE visa services from us is the best option when you are in such a situation.

The above situation also applies to 30 days tourist visa and the vice versa of the same.

Also, the things mentioned above were the precautions that you take before and while applying for the visa. But, when your visa gets rejected, there are other reasons for the same.

The reasons why your visa got rejected

  • Blurred or unclear documents

The immigration authorities might reject your visa as the documents you submitted to apply-Dubai visa online are not clear to them. It might happen that the photocopies you provide of your residency proof or any other thing is blurred. The passport size photo you submit might be blurring or doesn’t match with your actual passport photo. This process isn’t something to be taken for granted, make sure you provide the right documents that are clear and true to its purpose.

  • Immoral factors

If you are ever convicted or known for criminal offences, and then there will be a delay or rejection after you apply for UAE visit Visa online. Submit proper documents and give proof of the crime you committed. As the immigration authorities won’t allow someone who misconducts and doesn’t honour the law.

  • Previous under stay or overstay

Your application will get rejected as when the authorities see that you are not trustworthy to give the visa. As you didn’t use the previous visa or you overused it. In that case, when you apply for a visa, you should mention the reason for the same. Otherwise, you won’t get a visa whether for 30 days or 90 days or a UAE residency visa.

  • Prior visa not cancelled

When you apply for a new visa, make sure that your previous visa is not still in action. It is impossible to get another visa when the previous visa is still enacted.  Such enactment will cause rejection and can ruin your trip to the wondrous UAE.

  • Residence visa not cancelled

This is the enhancement of the above reason but concerned with UAE residency visa. If you have a residency Dubai visa, then you cannot apply for a tourist visa no matter what period. The UAE visa services don’t have that big of a heart to grant you both kinds of visas. They know what you did with the residency visa and are not in favour of giving you a tourist visa.

  • Profession or employment visa

If the profession written in your passport is not up to their marks, then you cannot have a UAE visit visa. Generally, UAE visa for Indians gets rejected due to their profession such as farmer, labour, etc.

Also, if you previously had an employment visa and didn’t use it for some reason, then you have to mention that reason. Plus, you should give proof of that reason from the employer that is related to your employment visa.

  • Sinful negotiations

With an increase of human trafficking, the immigration authorities are considerate when granting UAE visit Visa to females below 25 years. If you are a female who is below 25 years of age, then you might face delay or rejection after applying.

  • Political effects

If your country is in some kind of controversy with UAE; then you will face delay in getting a UAE or Dubai visa. Eventually, the visa gets rejected after the conflicts arise.

These are the only reasons to cause rejection. Make sure to consider them before and while applying for the visa.

Further, after checking these factors, contact us for UAE visit visa, whether for residency or tourist. We provide services of all, 30 days tourist visa, 90 days tourist visa, and UAE residency visa.