UAE has become a great place to visit whether you are a traveller or you are deciding to stay. It has so much to offer and to add into your exploring experience. Emirates has an enthralling vibe; no matter where you visit. The museums, desserts, water parks, and many more cultural places there add so much to the soul and mind of a visitor. A person could have several reasons why he wants to get a UAE residence visa, as there are different types of residence Visa to stay in the UAE. The most common one, to why people visit and want to get a residence Visa for the mesmerizing cities of UAE is for employment. People from different countries come here and stay for employment purposes. There could be many other reasons like property or relatives staying in some city of UAE.

What is a UAE residence Visa?

A person who has employment reason, property reasons, and other different reasons can get a residence Visa for UAE if he/she is above 18 years old. The entry for the same happens through a small process in which you have to mention your reason, that is why you want to get a residence visa and then a form must be filled, and some documents are required.

Also, the validity of your passport plays an essential role in this procedure.

Types of UAE residence Visa

Employee residence visa – This is for the people who are offered a job in some city of UAE or are engaged in a contract of a training period, and then fixed employment. Also, here the employer shall guarantee the same about your work when you apply for UAE Visa online.

Family residence visa – As the name suggests, this is for the family, a husband, wife and children.

Investor residence visa – If you do not have an employment reason or a property in UAE, you can still get a UAE residence visa as you can invest in buy/sell options in UAE.

Property residence visa – If your investment was in some property and you want to sell/buy the same, then you can get a residence visa. The condition is your passport should be valid for a minimum of three months.

These are the main reasons for which you can apply for UAE visa online. Apart from these, there can be some other residence visas that are relative, student, and maid.

The reasonable validity for a passport, if you are travelling out of your domestic country, is a minimum of 6 months. It can be three months some time, depending on the legislative authority in the country.

A citizen of a different country can get a visa for staying in a foreign country, only if his/her passport is valid for six months. Only then, they have the right to enter a foreign country. Otherwise, there is a penalty if the validity of the passport is not by the criteria of the foreign country.

Apart from the passport’s validity, to get UAE visa services for residency purposes, you need to go through a medical test which is a test for various diseases. Don’t mind if you get rejected due to some illness as these are the measures every country takes.

Sometimes you are quarantined for some diseases like TB, and then you are provided with a residency visa. It can take some delay, but you have to make sure you are disease-free as there are penalties if you fake some documents or say that you don’t have diseases that could delay your visa.

To avoid conflicts about the validity of your passport, you need to be sure about the validity of your passport. If you are getting a UAE residency Visa for the first time, then the validity of your passport should be of 6 months. Because when you are exiting from another country, the passport validity for Dubai visa is six months.

But if you already have a residency Visa for UAE, then the validity for your passport can be of 3 months.

Also, you can extend or convert your trip or a short-period visit in staying. If you have a 30 days tourist visa or 90 days tourist visa, you can turn it into residence visa. Therefore, you can enjoy your trip more and can get employed or invest in some property there.

If you have a residency visa of UAE and a passport whose validity is less than six months, you can still enter UAE through eGate. You won’t be charged any other amount, but after entering, you have to get your passport renewed.

Though there are some exceptions to the 6-month rule of passport’s validity to enter UAE through residency visa. They are:

  • Servants who are accompanying the student citizens of Emirates. ( the student’s passport should be valid for six months)
  • UAE expatriates going abroad for some medical treatment. (as long as they have the permission by health ministry)
  • Wife of Emirates citizen is she is entering through her husband’s sponsorship.

There could be other reasons like domestic helpers getting a visa or something else.

Above all, there should be a valid contract that minds them for such travel and entering UAE.

UAE residence Visa